Remodeling the Bathroom Your Way



Does Your Bathroom Need an Upgrade?


It can be difficult to know when a bathroom is becoming outdated. If everything is still in working order, then people can just be tempted to leave it alone. That’s fine, but if the owner wants to sell the home, upgraded bathrooms are a huge selling point. In fact, the remodeling of the bathroom gives a bigger up sale than an entire home staging.


This is because when people want to know how nice a home really is taken care of, they look at the bathrooms and the kitchen. These rooms are important to people because they are so functional. No one wants to take a shower in a bath tub that is grungy looking. And the same goes for a kitchen. If the kitchen looks unclean or drab in any way, it is simply uninspiring when it comes to meal times.


Where to Start?


Of course, it is difficult to know where to begin when doing a bathroom renovation . My advice hire a bathroom renovator like Many tubs will need the grout cleaned. However, this can actually be done by soaking long strands of cotton used in hair salons in bleach and then letting it sit on the grout for 20 to 30 minutes. When it comes to tiles, a person has to use discretion. It is not always feasible to scrub the tiles with bleach, so a re-tiling job might be necessary.


Think about a pride of ownership. Are all the fixtures up to date? Sometimes, a new toilet can really spiff up the bathroom. The same goes with faucets. There are so many fancy faucets these days that can really add value to the room.


So, in summary, when beginning tries to update the tiling and the fixtures in the bathroom. These are the things that need to look clean and have a utilitarian use.


Next, Please


After all the main appliances are upgraded, then the fun can begin. The walls could be repainted to give an edgy look. Last decade, light browns and greens were in. Now, that new century feel has worn off a bit. Wall deco is really big, so consider adding some fancy wall designs to a freshly painted bathroom. This will help to set a trendy look. Black patterning on a white wall with a mono color theme for accessories is a safe bet. When the color gets old, a person can just buy new towels and shower curtains to change it up.


Go Big or Go Home


Of course, no modern bathroom is complete without the ultimate splurge- granite counter tops. The only reason that every homeowner does not have granite is because of the price point. But a granite counter top will make a major difference in the look of the room. Also, changing the cabinet to a modern wood finish will also give that air of sophistication.

Finishing Touches


Nothing says my bathroom was designed to be one in a million like finding some unique decor. Make sure that the toothbrush holder is pristine and the other accessories are what you want. After all, this is the most low budget way to finish up a bathroom renovation.