Home Restumping


Many people trust that the foundation of their home is secure and well built. While most homes are placed on a secure foundation there are times when foundation may need to be repaired or in some cases replaced. There are methods to help with home restumping. Now a person can get restumping and home underpinning service without a hassle.

 Restumping Basics

Restumping is also known as reblocking. During this process the stumps under the home will need to be replaced. This is for home that uses these stumps are subflooring. When the stumps have settled or rotted they need to be replaced. If not this can be a strain on the structure of the home.

 Signs of Wear

There are some things that a person should be aware of in their home to determine if restumping services are needed. Homes that are built on some kind of timber often need to be restumped at one point. Timber stumps have a lift span that ranges between 20 and 70 years. The lifespan will depend on the amount of moisture that is in the soil around the stump base.Visit  www.Restumpingreblockingmelbourne.com.au for more info.  If there is too much moisture the stumps will begin to rot. Some signs to look for include doors that no longer open, cracks in the walls, floors that appear to slope, and the ability to bounce on the floor.

How The Work is Done

The contractor will need to look at the home and determine if the stumps are going to need to be replaced or if they can be reset. This will need to assess the flooring and the deterioration of the stumps. If the home is jacked up the stumps will need to be replaced. If they are packed due to settling they will also need to be replaced.


Replacing or home underpinning should be done by qualified professionals. This will help make sure that the home is secure and will be secure for years to come. The timber can be replaced with other wood or the company can replace them with concrete or steel stumps. When the timber is replaced with concrete or steel they will be secure for years to come. A person will not have to worry about them degrading or setting into the soil. A professional will be able to come to the home and assess the situation. If they need to replace the wood they will do so in a professional manner. The professional team will get under the home and replace the wood. They will do so safely so that the home is disrupted in the least way possible. This restumpig process can be done quickly and easily.

When a person is noticing some signs of wear in the home they should contact a professional restumping company right away. The professionals can replace the timber that is under the home before it causes additional problems. The wooden stumps can be replaced quickly so that a person no longer has to worry about damage to their home. Get in touch here.

Home Foundation Repair


When you own a home the chances are that you have never given much thought to the foundations that it is built on. However, when things go wrong with these foundations it can cause problems for the whole structure and these problems can be very expensive to put right. There are certain things that you should be aware of with regards to the foundations of your home.


What Are The Signs That I Need A Home Foundation Repair?


There may be signs that you have a problem with your foundations that can be found both inside and outside the home. On the exterior of your property, you may notice that the walls have started to crack and there may be gaps that appear around the door and window frames. Inside the home, you may notice that the doors have become misaligned and that there are cracks in the floor. If you start to notice any of these signs around the home then you should get a professional company to come out and investigate further. Dealing with a problem early usually means that it is easier to repair and therefore less expensive.


What Can Cause Problems With Foundations?

Most problems with foundations arise when there are different levels of moisture in the soil that surrounds the foundations. This occurs when the soil that has been used as a base for the foundation is unstable. If the soil has a high clay content then this is likely to make the problem worse. When moisture gets into this soil it will usually either to cause it to shrink or swell. Either way, this can cause the soil to move and it may take the foundation with it.


How Much Will A Repair Cost?

It is hard to say for certain how much a repair will cost because there are so many different factors that can affect the price. Generally speaking, the longer a company will have to spend at your property to fix the foundations the more expensive the bill will be. Other factors that affect the cost will be the need to hire other experts such as structural engineers and how easy it is to access the section of the foundation that needs work. This is why finding the problem early is so important because there may not be that much damage at this stage and the costs are likely to be less.


What Repair Methods Are Available?

The type of repair that you will require for your home foundation will depend on what is causing the problem. The two most common repair options that are available to most people are slab jacking and hydraulic jacking. Slab jacking involves pumping grout through holes that have been strategically placed so that the foundation is raised to its original level. Hydraulic jacking takes place after steel posts have been inserted into the foundation and the jacking will return the foundation to the position that it should be in. In most cases, it is a better idea to get a professional company to come out and do this work for you rather than you attempting it yourself.