Tips for Roofing


When a roof begins to leak or show signs of wear this can be trouble. A person may feel that they need to contract roofing contractors right away to fix any issues they are having with the roof. While professional roofers can fix the problem there are some roofing tips to help a person save money and fix their roof without a problem.

Find a Leak

When a person knows that their roof is leaking by seeing water stains on the inside of their home it is important to find the exact location of the leak. To find the exact spot where the roof is leak spray different locations of the roof with a hose. A person should then look for water spot inside the home. This will allow them to find the location of the leak.

Preventing Leaks

One of the biggest causes of leaks is due to clogged gutters. Be sure to clean the gutters out several times a year. Pay special attention to the gutters during the autumn months when the leaves are coming off of the trees. Keeping the gutters clear will help prevent water from building up on the roof.

Remove Any Dry Rot

Be sure to check the roof often and look for signs of poor ventilation. This can lead to the plywood deteriorating and

becoming rotted. This is common in the middle of the roof. If there is dry rot the roof will begin to sag and the shingles will crack. Cracked shingles can lead to leaks. To prevent dry rot from forming a ridge or a soffit vent is needed. A professional roof repair Sandy Springs contractor may have to be called in to make sure the vents are correctly installed.

Remove Icy Buildup

In the winter the ice will be able to build up on several areas of the roof. Shingles, gutters, and even the membrane of the roof become covered in ice. The heat from the home will heat up the roof and which can lead to leaks. It is important to have a drip edge so that water can flow off the roof and not get trapped. Rain and ice shields can help out as well.

Fix Any Boots in the Roof

There are some areas that are prone to leaks. They include areas by a skylight, flashing, and ice dampings. It is important to check for rubber boots on the roof. Where the roof fence is lifted there may be a rubber boot. If they are able to dry up they can cause leaks. To fix this all a person has to do is get a new rubber boot. They can be purchased at a hardware store. Some of the shingles may need to be removed to replace it but it will save a lot of money and headache in the long run.
These are some tips for roofing to help a person keep their roof in top shapes. Leaks and other issues with the roof can be expensive to repair. Keeping the roof well maintained will allow a person to prevent leaks and other issues with the roof.